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 "I'm a baby-wearin', co-sleeping, breastfeeding, natural childbirth giving, homeschooling, Christian "Mommy" to 4 blessings who's been helping moms lose weight while breastfeeding, in a healthy way, since 2002 ♥ ♥"


Our Weightloss Story w/Before & After Photos (below)

I lost 90 pounds! Then, over 65 pounds & again, after the third baby!

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Let me introduce myself.  My name is Amber. 

I am one of those 'crazy' attachment-parenting, breastfeeding, Christian moms who believes that the breast is best (even in public), that picking up her baby when he/she cries creates trust and doesn't spoil them. I believe in natural childbirth and no immunizations (damage outweighs the benefits). I believe in telling the truth, no matter how painful it can be.  I believe actions speak louder than words and that we should treat others with love.  I love, love, love co-sleeping and baby-wearing, spending 24/7 with the children the Lord blessed me with and treating them like the gifts they are!

I am often asked how I know my program is safe for breastfeeding momsBreastfeeding Weight Loss © In 1999, my baby sister (who, by the way, has the IQ of a genius & must-have things confirmed and researched & researched some more lol) introduced me to some nutritional supplements (that she researched the safety on with a world-renowned physician for her own personal use as a breastfeeding mom).  I'm a non-medicinal kind of person.  By that, I mean, I would rather walk around squinting my eyes with a headache waiting on pressure points and the power of prayer to work before taking so much as Tylenol, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding.  Even then, I prefer a homeopathic solution.  My birth plans were all-natural, although the first didn't end up that way. As a breastfeeding mommy of our second daughter, I had the nutritional supplements re-approved by my 11 year practicing midwife. I believe breastfeeding is a gift and one of the best things you will ever do for yourself and more importantly your baby and would never want to mess with the perfect formula that the Lord gave us by taking any medicines. As if the research my sister, her physician & my midwife did wasn't enough, I also researched the supplements and found approval from the medical advisory board overseeing the making of the nutritional supplements to find that the supplements are simply food packaged differently and if harmful, would carry a warning label as required by law.  Therefore, yet again, confirming that the supplements are breastfeeding safe.

I used the supplements before getting married without changing my eating lifestyle and lost weight, but once I stopped the 'diet' I gained back the weight.  After the birth of our first daughter, my husband and I did a lot of self-educating.  We made some serious eating lifestyle changes.  By the grace of God, breastfeeding and the eating lifestyle change, I lost 90 pounds. was born just after my first baby turned two. I was at home with her for the 1st year of her life, until I was forced to return to the working world to earn an income in 2001. We were blessed to have family keep her for nine months, but then I had to move her to an outside caregiver. After three months with a caregiver, I noticed some language that I didn't care for and she was learning things (not bad) that I hadn't had the privilege of teaching her. My heart ached not to be the one with my baby girl on an everyday basis and I began praying, face-down in the carpet, crying like a baby. lol The next day, I went in for my annual review as a Dept Manager expecting a review & raise. The Director was in the office with someone from corporate and they informed me that my position with the company was dissolved.  I just lost my job!!  It was an answer to my prayer the day before, but I was freaked out!  I needed that income, but God had something else in store.

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © AfterBaby.comMy baby sister was working with breastfeeding moms and suggested I do the same. Within two weeks was born!  I began helping a few breastfeeding moms lose weight, then a dozen and the number just continued to grow.  I truly feel that is a gift from God - my ministry. I have had the opportunity to make life-long friends through this ministry.  Moms call me at all hours to inquire about my program and sometimes they get started right away or simply receive encouraging words, prayer or even pray with me!  Other moms just need an ear to listen, someone to understand where they are coming from.  Some moms begin my program and return baby after baby and some I never hear from again, but each are appreciated.  I have had the opportunity to work with homemakers, career moms, La Leche League Leaders, doctors, nurses, military moms, military wives, moms from all walks of life in the US, Canada, England, and Australia just off the top of my head.  Moms that need vegetarian programs, Kosher programs, allergen-free programs or other needs.  I am touched and blessed by all of them.

As you may understand by now, my program isn't based on a supplement manufacturer's guidelines.  My program is based on my experience as an always hungry, breastfeeding mommy who believes in losing weight, but not at the risk of my baby's health.  I incorporated the nutritional supplements into the eating lifestyle changes that my husband and I made for a healthy, breastfeeding safe program.  To further explain, I don't encourage daily calorie restrictions to hamper your supply.  Nor do I encourage weight loss stimulants for breastfeeding moms or a 'diet' where you are trying to make temporary, unrealistic changes that may allow you to lose weight at first, but encourage you return to your old habits and gain back the weight because that just makes you worse off than when you started. I encourage a livable, realistic, eating lifestyle change; which incorporates the foods you enjoy along with an education to help you modify your eating lifestyle to develop new eating habits for long-term, healthy results.

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © AfterBaby.comThe nutritional supplements I choose to use are simply food, packaged differently.  The supplements don't make you lose the weight.  They simply ensure that you and your baby are getting great nutrition while you are making changes to your eating lifestyle.  When you are eating the right foods at the right times of the day, your body will let go of the fat.  Our goal is to help you maintain lean muscle mass.  Muscle naturally increases your metabolism.  Then your own metabolism burns off the fat causing your body to shrink!  If you speak to your physician regarding losing weight while breastfeeding they will tell you to eat right and exercise.  75-85% of your weight loss has to do with what you put in your mouth & when; which is why my program works, even without exercise.  The average weight loss per week of 3-4 pounds or 3-4 inches I quote is what many moms experience.  You may experience 2 pounds and 2 inches.  Whatever it is that you lose is what your body is choosing to lose at a rate it chooses to lose it because you are not taking a weight loss stimulant that forces your body to lose weight.  If you did, that would be harmful to your baby.

Once you begin one of my programs, I will send you everything you need to know electronically.  You will receive eating guidelines, weighing guidelines, recipes, info of carbohydrates, protein, water and fat along with testimonials to give you inspiration.  You will also be invited to my moms support group consisting of over 550 moms.

Choosing a program depends first on your weight and then budget.  Moms weighing 150 pounds or more may want to begin with the 150 program because you need more protein and that program offers extra protein.  If the program is not within your budget, simply step down to the next program and so on.

I pray I have answered your questions.  I am not a physician, a corporation or call center, but just one mom, who's lifetime struggle with weight along with 9 years of experience being pregnant or breastfeeding has turned into a resource of hope and knowledge for breastfeeding moms worldwide.

You don't have to stop nursing to lose weight! I am here to help and truly care.  My mother taught me that birds have wings because there's air to fly in. Fish have gills because there's water to swim in and in our moment of despair, we call out to God because He is there to call out to.  It made sense and when I call out, He answers! :) I have this love for people.  I feel the Lord gifted me with this empathetic, compassionate love. I don't care if we share the same Christian beliefs or if you lack a belief altogether. I do care if you and your baby are healthy and happy.  I believe that we are meant to have life and it more abundantly! John 10:10

In Christ's Love,


My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18 ♥

Our Weight Loss Journey

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © Sept 1999

"Hi, I'm Amber..."

This photo is my then-boyfriend, Robert, and I in September of 1999. 

My weight has always fluctuated a few pounds, but it stayed around 180lbs.  Robert never made a fuss.

However, when he went away on business in late September my sister helped me lose weight for his return.  (Us ladies always enjoy that don't we?)  While he was gone, he purposed marriage. Now, I had a wedding to prepare for!

BEFORE - 185lbs

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 1999


My fiancé, Robert, and I in late November 1999, the week of our wedding.

Was he happy with my weight loss? 

Did I feel better about myself?

Let's just say, a little less than ten months later, we were blessed with a bundle of joy!

AFTER - 165 lbs!

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2000


Over the holidays, I chowed down and gained back most of what I had lost.  So, during my pregnancy, I continued my horrible habits and ate what I wanted and did absolutely nothing - preferably indoors with the a/c at 65 degrees (see my white skin!) 

I was out of breath just moving and found it much more enjoyable eating (not sharing) entire batches of Nestlé's chocolate chip cookies.  He doesn't cook and I wasn't lifting a finger, so we ate out and ordered in constantly. 

In my ninth month, I was over 225 lbs.

Us  AFTER (I know I look pregnant) I gave birth to our baby girl, Jordan, in September 2000.

(Both of us OVER 200 lbs)

 Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2000



over size 16

Jordan & I, on the left, after I lost enough weight to wear pre-pregnancy overalls, busting at the seams (notice what I like to call "the back fat").

Okay, please don't be too harsh in your judgment.  This is not my worst and definitely not our best, but these photos give you an idea of the changes you can make and proof that it works!  We didn't expect to be posting these on a website for all of the world to see.  :)

                                           After Baby #1       -       After Baby #2       -       After Baby #3

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © AfterBaby.comBreastfeeding Weight Loss © 2004 AfterBaby.comBreastfeeding Weight Loss © 2008


Okay, so my husband is asking why my knee is bent in the photo after we had our third child.  I don't know!  I guess it just feels prettier.  ;)  Man!! I look so old matured.  :)


(Our photos must be pretty impressive because people are stealing them from our site and adding them to their sites as success stories to sell their weight loss drugs!  Quite flattering, but SO not ethical!

We thank you for keeping us informed as you see our photos floating about in cyberspace!


So, attorneys have gone through my site with a fine-toothed comb!  ;)  Astonishingly enough my testimonials... are real.  My reviews... are real!  The bad guys got punished.  All is right in the world of


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Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2000©

Before over 175 pounds & After about 135 lbs pounds  --  Before about 215 pounds & After about 167 pounds

We worked really hard to cook healthy and eat right! (he exercised for the both of us)  He told me, "I am not going to be a fat daddy" and he's not! 

This is where comes into play! 

I will help you change your eating lifestyle and drop the fat without going hungry or taking weight loss pills that could hamper your milk supply!

We can do it TOGETHER!  ;)

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2002 


I am 5' 8.5" and weighing in at 135 lbs for the first time in my adult life in May 2002!!

Is that a little skin I see there?!  

For the first time, I am able to wear that shirt without my overalls to cover up an abundance of fat rolls! 


Look at that tan!  I finally have energy and feel incredible!!  I have acquired the nickname "Skinny Minnie"! 

Imagine that - someone actually thinks of me as being skinny - Wow!

I wore over size 16 once I got out of my pregnancy clothes & ended up having to buy a size 6 pair of Gap jeans because my 10's were way too large!!  Then a lady at work gave me a cozy size 3 stylish hipsters and I looked hot!  ;)

can wear size 3!


Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2002
Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2002



Our trio having dinner with friends in June 2002.

We learned a lot of things about ourselves and nutrition, which we apply to our everyday life.

I mentioned feeling out of breath when I moved.  After losing all of that weight, I remember literally running out to the car for something and how great it felt.  (I am starting to cry thinking about it.)  It's so amazing what bonds and emotional constraints that extra weight can put on us!

Knowing how it feels to be looked at differently,

knowing how it feels not to find clothes (that I would actually want to wear) in my size,

knowing how it feels to be paranoid about what others think when you are starving and contemplating about getting a second or third helping

and now... knowing what it feels like to be healthy and not think about those things are just a few of the reasons that I want to share our knowledge to help moms, like you, meet your goals!

If you are serious about improving your health - I am here!

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I breastfed our first daughter until her second birthday and am currently breastfeeding our 2nd daughter and our son and know the importance of it.  I also know the importance of a mother's mental and physical health, which is why we offer breastfeeding safe, weight loss programs using our nutritional supplements.

Our Support + Eating Lifestyle Change + Our Nutritional Supplements = Successful, Healthy, Weight Loss

Diet Products + No Eating Lifestyle Change + No Support = Unhealthy, Weight Loss & Weight Gain!

Baby #2

Breastfeeding Weight Loss © 2004

© 2004







<-February 7th - 38 weeks pregnant


02-20-04: I weighed 206 lbs

Our daughter was born on 02-23-04.



Once my maternity jeans started falling off, I bought a pair of size 16 jeans.  Shortly thereafter I was cinching up those jeans with my husband's braided belt until he told me I needed a smaller size!  What a wonderful feeling!

© 2004





I can now wear a size 8 jeans and weigh in at 149 lbs & losing!


You just don't know how elated I am to be under 150!!  :)



40 lbs lost in the 1st 2 months - 57 to date!


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I chopped off my hair to donate to

My Stats

9 months pregnant: 206lbs     1 week postpartum: size 16     Ending Weight:  146 lbs  Size: 7


03-22-0406-04-0406-05-0407-25-04LostWeight:174.5165.516415157+ lbs% Body Fat: 404136 Above Bust: 37.536.536 Breastfeeder's Bust:39333331.57.5Natural Waist:33.532.532294.9Belly Button: 36.53634 Arms:14.51313131.5Abdomen:434140.538.54.5Hips:4240.539.75384Thighs:24.523.523222.5



Big Sis' © 2004 AfterBaby.comEaster Sunday :) © 2004 AfterBaby.comProud Parents © 2004

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Baby #3

We really wanted to have at least one baby of each gender. My husband's desire to have a son was strong and my desire to please him by giving birth to his son was even stronger, so we asked the Lord to bless us with the opportunity to raise another child.  

overdue © 2006 AfterBaby.comI weighed a little over 215 pounds. 

    © 2006

My due date was 01/04/06 and I refused to be induced.  I still wanted to give birth naturally, with no drugs or medical intervention.  They estimated the baby's weight to be about 8 pounds and so, I was scheduled to be induced at 42 weeks for safety. 

 © 2006

I went into labor 2 days before and gave birth to an 11 pound baby boy (Naturally) - Praise God!, ladies, my weight loss journey begins, yet, again...

04/04/06:  Our son will be 12 weeks old in just 2 days!  Boy time flies!  He is weighing in at 20 pounds (clothes on) and wearing size 9 month baby clothes - breast milk does a body good!  ;)

I stepped on the scale this morning and weigh 171, which prompted me to try on some clothes that my 21-year-old sister-in-law gave me.  I was, undoubtedly, prepared to be depressed, but happily surprised when I actually pulled a size 9 pair of low-rise, Unionbay jeans up and over my thighs, zipped and buttoned them!  No more maternity jeans!  I actually have a non-maternity t-shirt on with them!  Glory to God & thank you, Jesus!  :) 

Now, I just have to find a way to tuck in this belly roll hanging over the top...

Am I alone or is anyone else experiencing this...  After the third baby, I have these loose belly and back fat rolls that are hanging on.  The rolls are SLOWLY getting smaller, but I just don't remember this flabby stuff with the first two. 

Hmpf - doesn't feel too sexy...  why do fat rolls on a baby = cute, but fat rolls on mommy... not-so-much

Here's to hearing success stories from you!  Much Love In Christ! Request Info

April 2007Thank you for your inquiries on my progress! I have lost all my baby weight and wanted to share this photo of my big baby boy, my youngest daughter and myself on Resurrection Sunday!

 © 2007

December 2007:  We pray that everyone has a wonderful 2008!

 © 2007

October 2008:  Ladies, these babies grow so fast!! 

Enjoy every minute `cause, before you know it another year has passed!

 © 2008

I pray for your continued success to achieve great health with!  Blessings!

January 2013:  We have an answered prayer!! Baby #4!!!

Thanks to exercise & a healthy eating lifestyle, I was in the best shape of my life entering into this pregnancy!  It was the best pregnancy experience, yet!  In addition, I had the opportunity to give birth at home; which was also an answered prayer & dream come true!

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16"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Passage Romans 10:9-10:
9. That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

Special thanks to my sister for introducing us to this life-changing program! (View Story)

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