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  Breastfeeding Weight Loss : Quick Update

Aysha Bowling - Charlotte, NC  

I'm currently 127 lbs (halfway goal is 125) and I'm finally starting to see the inches drop. My family is also noticing the change which is such a great feeling. Oh and I haven't had any juice/sugar drinks in 3 months (just water). Most of all I feel healthier! Amber your ministry continues to bless my life even though we don't talk as much as we use to

  Day 3 Update

Liz Leitzke - La Crosse, WI  

Just want to share that I am on day 3 and feeling awesome!

  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Update

Aysha Bowling - Charlotte, NC  

Amber I am super excited and I have to share this with you. I am officially out of the 130's! I hit my goal! I checked my weight today and it said 129! This is a big victory for me because I was hovering between 133 and 135 for months (even on the program). I haven't been on the scale or checked measurements in 2 weeks. I was honestly avoiding it because I didn't want disappointment to steal my joy anymore. God knew exactly what I needed and desired. Thank you again for believing in me and pushing me towards my creator through your program!

  Meal Replacement Shake Review

Stephanie - Gainesville, VA  

LOVE this program!! I got the french vanilla and I have been using it for 4 weeks and I've lost 13lbs! It's been great. I'm a breastfeeding mom and I was having difficulty losing the last 10 pounds of my baby weight. Anytime I'd cut calories, my supply would tank. I started this with the hopes that I could shed some weight and it's working better than I could've imagined! I referred FOUR people to this program and all of them love it! Thanks :)

  Meal Replacement Review

Trista Blair - Marion, AR  

I LOVE these shakes! I look forward to them every day and have had great success with them so far! The cookies and cream with ice, milk, and a tsp of peanut butter tastes like reese's puff cereal :)

  I love the program

Anna Vee - Anchorage, AK  

its been one week since i started and havent lost any pounds but i did lose 6lbs all over. and i have been exercising also so im probably gaining muscle and losing fat!!! thanks again amber!!

  I love the program

Joy Hinton - Griffin, GA 

I am so excited to report that I have lost four inches during my first week! I love the program and I am so glad I have found something that is working for me, thank you!

  I love the program

Joanna Isiah - Tulare, CA  

i am a firm believer of After .I have used the products nd i am a full time breastfeeding mommy I was skeptical at first about the whole thing but once I tryed out the new lifestyle of eating right nd following Ambers advice I lost dramatic weight I hope u have a chance to get to know Amber like I have she is an Amazing lady who's always there to answer any of ur questions.

  I love the program

Myra - Murrieta, CA

I am so excited to report that I have lost four inches during my first week! I love the program and I am so glad I have found something that is working for me, thank you!

  Thank you so much!

Lauren - Bethel, CT  

Hi Amber! I just spoke with you two days ago and was having trouble losing any weight with just the shakes. Well I restarted the program following your exact guidlines and I lost 3lbs in 2 days! I am so excited!!! Thank you so much!

  Almost there!

Katie Lorson - Kettering, OH   

At week five I have lost 12 1/2 inches. Looking forward to measurements for next week. I can put on my prepregger pants but can't button them yet. I know that I will get there though.

  Breastfeeding Safe is the way to go!

Katie Lorson - Kettering, OH  

Week five......I have lost 8 lbs! Only 15 more to go. I know that I can do it in this safe way.

  Thank you so much!

Carly - La Grange, CA 

I had 10 lbs to lose from having my first child to get to my "prebaby" weight. In the first week I lost albs, and the second week I lost 3 lbs, and this third week I lost the last two lbs, and was even on vacation with family so I wasn't able to follow as I normally would, I just contined to make healthy choices and portion control. I can fit into my old jeans finally! I'm so glad bc a friend had told me to just get rid of my jeans bc I probably wouldn't fit them again and I'm so glad that she was wrong! I enjoy this program bc as a new mom, I really don't have time to prepare a healthy meal for myself, and my husband is at work for breakfast and lunchtime, so it makes my day way easier with less dishes/groceries etc. And then we enjoy our dinner together like normal. ;) I'm sorry that I don't have pictures, I didn't think to take any. :(


  Thank you!

Maria - Modesto, CA 

So today was day 3, I've lost 1 pound and 1.5 total inches. I drink the shakes n take a pill for breakfast n lunch eat a few snacks n between (i havent been hungry during the day) but by the time dinner comes around I'm starving. And now I'm craving the shakes lol. Am I doing something wrong? I feel I'm eating to much at night before I shut it down for the day.

  Thank you!

Narissa - Modesto, CA   

Never realized how much better you can feel if you just get enough protein in your diet!!! Took a 3-4 week break from the program to figure out if my baby's eczema was related to my diet (not the case), and was so worn out. 3 days back on the program and my energy level is soooo much better! Thank you for all the nutritional information you give out.


  ReShape Program
Nicole - Bristol, RI  

I have lost about 5 pounds and several inches off my bust, waist, and hips. I haven't been 100% following the plan every day. My life has been crazy at work, and on the weekends I have had to attend a few baby showers, and couldn't say no to the cake. I have terrible self control when it comes to those kind of things being in my face. I avoid it at home, most of the time. Otherwise I enjoy this program, thanks for all your encouragement.

Thanks so much,


  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
Mary Dlabaj - Katy, TX  

Breastfeeding Weightloss © AfterBaby.comI started working with Amber in 2002 or 2003 after the birth of my first child. My friend recommended her site to me because she was having great success losing weight. Amber has customers all over the country, but she was right in my backyard. Not only did we become friends, but she offered great support through her company on my first weight loss journey. Eight years later and three children later, I still keep in touch with her and use tools she taught me to stay trim! View Letter

  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program'Like' on Facebook
Katie Lorson - Kettering, OH  

Two weeks in and feeling good! It amazes me how spot on your advice emails are ... Two week hunger pangs etc.... But, I have lost 4 lbs. and 8 1/2 inches. I even have enough energy now to work out and take care of my family, house, and myself. Feels great! Friday at 8:10am Basic Program
Joanna Isiah - Gloversville, NY 

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©"...Amber has touched my heart in a very special way, I am a firm believer of Amber & I enthusiastically recommend to anyone that would love to lose weight. Thank you Amber for your genuine & kind heart. God Bless!..."

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  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Update'Like' on Facebook
Joanna Isiah - Gloversville, NY  

I just wanted to update everyone on my weight loss. The day I started the program(August 26), I weighed in at 174lbs. and today I am 159lbs. Thank You so much Amber without you I dont know were I'd be, probably stressed out trying to figure out how I was gonna lose this baby fat. My goal is to get to 135lbs by Christmas, I know with Amber and the Lords help I will be there in no time.

  3 pounds & 11.5 inches by Week 3
Katie - Layton, UT 

I was able to finally put on my regular pants this last week and put away my maternity clothes! It's nice to be wearing regular clothes again. Thanks for all your help and encouragement last week, you truly are an angel and I'm so glad I found your website and started your program.

  Day 7...'Like' on Facebook
Colleen Brenneman - Downingtown, PA  

5lbs and 9 inches lost. I feel motivated to keep going.

  day 7..'Like' on Facebook
Jessenia Milian - Norfolk, VA  

6 lbs and 9 in lost woo hoo =]
Yup Im wearing size 13 from size 15 :-)

  Breastfeeding Safe Weight Loss'Like' on Facebook
Ann McBride - Ewa Beach, HI  

‎2 weeks~ 4 lbs and 2 inches off my waist!! Mahalo Amber!

  1 pound & 4.5 inches lost by Day 3
Katie - Layton, UT 

I am very happy with those results!! I am feeling really good and I think it has increased my milk supply. I'm really excited to see more results. Basic Program'Like' on Facebook
Joanna Isiah - Gloversville, NY  

Hello Amber I would like to tell you about my amazing results I have been on your program only for days and on the third day I lost a total of 5lbs. and 9 1/2 inches all over you have made me a firm believer I will be back on thursday to post my 7 day results Thank You so much!!!! :)



  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Basic Program'Like' on Facebook
Jasmine Ayres - Corona, CA  

Hi there! I am on day 2 of your shakes. they are so yummy and easy and I have noticed an increase in my milk supply just in this short time! I stepped on the scale and I am down 2.6 pounds, just 11 more pounds till I get to my pre pregnancy weight...thank you so much for your program and support! I will be in touch with my successes!
 150 Program'Like' on Facebook
Jesse Madrigal - Okeechobee, FL 

Amber, yesterday was day 14 and I am down 5 lbs and 9.5 inches! Thank you so much for showing me it can be done! 150 Program'Like' on Facebook
Kat  Alesch - Abilene, TX  

Heyy amber... Just wanted to let u know I started it again Monday and have already lost 1 1/2 lbs!!!!! Thanks!!!

  Day 7 Progress'Like' on Facebook
Jesse Madrigal - Okeechobee, FL  

Yesterday was day 7 and I am down 2 lbs and 2 inches! Thank you Amber!


  down 16 pounds

Jessie - Memphis, TN  

I did exceed my pre-pregnancy weight during the first month of your program, hoorah! I was about ten pounds heavier than I usually am when I got pregnant though, so I have a few more to lose...
The day before I gave birth I was at 198 in my 5'5" frame. I lost down to 164 before I started your program. I lost from 164 down to 150 (pre=pregnancy weight) during the first month. I realized the next ten pounds would be more difficult to lose. I thought with consistency I could break through the 150lb barrier, but I stayed there for three weeks. I woke up this morning at 148! I'm so excited. My husband, baby, and I are going on vacation in a week, and I am planning on taking some liberties with my eating (I've been extremely strict), and I do think being that strict about desserts did cause me to over-indulge in other areas. I've got it back on track, and I'm hoping to get down to 140 by the end of this month!
Thanks for all of your help and recipe suggestions! Breastfeeding Safe Program
Jaime Luciano - Gloversville, NY 

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©"...Amber is amazing. She is not only a mom, but an honest, virtuous, Godly woman who has every one of her moms best interests at heart. She is a one man show. When you call you do not get placed in a que waiting for a "trained" person from who knows where to take your call. Amber you make each one of us feel like were you only client. You never rushed through my questions, you always listened and responded.. Thank you for all your Godly wisdom and guidance..." View Letter & Photos Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
Teresa - St George, UT  

Breastfeeding Weightloss © AfterBaby.comMy name is Teresa, and i tried the basic program a year ago. I needed to lose weight after having my baby girl, and i was nursing her, so this was perfect for me. This diet is awesome, and the shakes taste great !! I lost 15 pounds in 30 days !!! With the help of this and Zumba, i am a completely different person. What was really cool was when i first started the diet i didnt work out and i lost a lot of weight, it was only in the end of my diet that i found my passion for dance. I plan on doing this diet again just to get off about 8 pounds just because i cant drop it and this is a healthy diet that will work !! Thank you so much Amber, i am so glad i found your diet :) View Letter & Photos



  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
Tina Twilleger - Pueblo, CO  

I love the shakes. I feel great and I think I look great. I noticed an increase in my milk supply as well. I am a very busy mom who just graduated from colleg . This program helps me stay on tarck and feel awsome!! Thanks Amber.


Lanitta Martin - Canton, MI  

After months and months of struggling, I found this sight. I was dumbfounded, yet, pleasantly surprised at how easy this program was! And the weight melted off! No Hydroxycut, or any other jittery weight loss pills. I've recently fell off the wagon and will be ordering some now to get ready for the summer. I wish I had pics to show.

  Breastfeeding Program
Sabrina - Brooklyn, NY 

Started the program 2 weeks ago and have lost 4 lbs and 4 1/2 inches off my waist im just so grateful to have found this program.This is the first time I found something that works


  Allergen Free Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
jennifer - Ellinwood, KS 

I just wanted to let you all know that I am so excited about this program. I stepped on the scale after three days and have lost 3.5 pounds already! Thank you Amber for this great program! Keep at it girls, I know we can all do it! 150
Alissa - Ellinwood, KS  

Total of 8.5 pounds Total inches lost 8.5!!!! 150 weight loss program
Amber - Spanaway, WA   

So far nit hungry, which I'd amazing, lol lost 2 pounds 4 inches
  weight loss program Day7
Alissa - Ellinwood, KS  

Total of 4.5 pounds and 4 3/4 inches loss! I might be having some friends ordering from your
website! Let me know if you get any from Kansas!
  weight loss program for breastfeeding moms
mallory - Waynesboro, PA  

10 pounds & 10 inches in 4 weeks
  Day 3
Jorene - Odessa, TX  

I'm very happy with this [program] so far. The first day I measured my waist was 41 1/2 and my tighs 43 so far I've lost 1/2 an inch every were thank God I found u and this product I feel really great!
Thank you again Amber I can't wait to lose this baby weigh gain I really hope this works like you and many others say it does!
  I'm excited
Amanda - Farmington, NM 

So far its going well. Today is day 7, I weighed and measured. Looks like I lost 4 lbs and 3 inches. I do feel really good. I've noticed I've had more energy (getting a lot more cleaning in my house done!) I'm excited for the nxt few weeks. I'm hoping to continue losing weight. So far my biggest issue is just controlling my sweet tooth! I love a treat at night once the kids have gone to bed.
Thanks for all your help!
  weight loss program for breastfeeding moms
Jennifer- Nutter Fort, WV   

Dear Amber,
I'm so grateful to have found your site.
After one week on the program, I lost 2 lbs and one inch off of my hips.
  weight loss program report
Biena - Finksburg, MD   

Miss Amber, Heres my report
I lost 1 lbs and 3 inches all on day 3.
I lost 3 lbs and 5 inches total all on day 7.
  13.5 inches lost in 2 weeks
Eileen A La Mirada, CA  

Today is my 9th day on the program and I have to say I feel great! So far I
have lost 7 lbs and I already feel slim around the belly! Here's to a new way of
eating, living, and looking good! Woohoo! :o)
  13.5 inches lost in 2 weeks
Melissa G Clifton, NJ   

Today is the end of my week 2 and start of week 3. At the end of my 7 days I was a little discouraged because although my measurements had been the same as my day 3 measurements, I had gained .2 pounds! I was a little disappointed, but knew it was my fault(I think I had a few too many fun foods-I crave sweets after dinner-so weird)But this week at the end of week 2, although I still weigh the same as I did on day 7 I have lost another 8in from my original 5.5 on day 3!! I was excited to see that because after the day 7 I expected to stay the same or gain.
  weight loss report
Melissa La Mirada, CA   

Miss Amber, Heres my report
I lost 1 lbs and 3 inches all on day 3.
I lost 3 lbs and 5 inches total all on day 7.
  i lost 1 lb and 9 inches
Roseanne - Lakewood, WA   
So, far in the last three weeks, I have lost a total of 6.5 lbs. The third week
I have bounced back up two pounds but, I am doing my best to stay on track.
  i lost 1 lb and 9 inches
vanessa o - okeechobee, fl   
hi everyone, i'm in my 3rd week now. i lost 2 lbs the first week and 5 inches. during the 2nd week i gained 1lb but i lost 4 more inches. i'm exerciseing a little, maybe about 40 min. every other day, but i guess i'm gaining muscle. i have seven children, the oldest is 12 and my youngest is 1 month. i gained almost 60 lbs with the oldest, so this battle has been going on 11 years. wish me luck, and good luck to everyone else.
  I'm 6 days in to the program....
Peggy W - Scottsdale, AZ  
and I have already lost 4 pounds! I am SO encouraged and I feel better already! I started my 2nd pregnancy about 15 pounds over my ideal weight, so my goal right now is to get back to my pre-first pregnancy weight and I feel confident that I can do it now
  6 pounds lost
Kristy - Florence, SC   

Hi Amber,
I have started the program. I started on 9/4/10. I did not have the measurement sheet so I did not take my measurements on the first day, but I did weigh. 150 weight loss program
Renee H - poplar grove, IL   

Well Ladies I have made it thru my 1st week and I have lost 5-6 pounds. I have lost 6 inches or so. I don't feel like I have lost anything but the scale tells me otherwise. I am not as hungry as I thought I would be.
  weight loss program for breastfeeding moms
CLARIBEL - Milford, CT   

Hello Amber the frst week yess, I lost 2 inches of my waist and half inch off everywhere else
  Basic Program for breastfeeding moms
Teresa R - Saint George, UT   

I am on week 3 and have lost 7 pounds 8 inch's, i
want to lose 10 more pounds, so i really hope i can get there !! Just always
pray and have faith :)
  weight loss program for breastfeeding moms
Tracy - Bradenton, FL   

Amber, I am finishing week two on the program and have lost 10 lbs! I would never have believed I could lose weight while breastfeeding! Thank you!
  breastfeeding safe weight loss program
Victoria - North Highlands, CA   

Hello, Amber. Just wanted to report my progress to you, my trainer.  So, in 3 weeks I have lost 4lbs and 9 inches total. That's a size down. I was size 12 and now I can wear size 10. Great!
P.S. even though it's only been 4 lbs. lost, but I feel much lighter and I have more energy during the day.
  weight loss program for breastfeeding moms

I haven't been able to tell about my progress because I return to work and I have been so busy with work and the kids that it just so easy to forget about other things. I started my program back in August 10th and as of today I have lost 16 lbs and lots of inches. Unfortunately I haven't been able to measure myself to find out how many inches I have lost but I can tell on my cloths. I started on a size 12 and today I'm able to wear my pre-pregancy cloths again... size 6 and counting. Soon I'll be reaching my goal. Thanks Amber for all your encouragement and support. To all the moms out there... Keep it up and be patient and consistent. You'll get to where you want to be... SEXY MOMMYS.. ;-)
  breastfeeding safe weight loss program
Victoria - North Highlands, CA   (Saturday, September 26, 2009)

It happened ! (Day 3) I actually lost 4 pounds and 4 inches, most of which were from waist and thighs. I do have energy like you said. Thanks again, Amber!
  breastfeeding safe weight loss
Heather - Sauk City, WI   (Friday, September 25, 2009)

I started last Tuesday. I decided I wasn't going to do my 7 day measurements until today. I like to weigh in on Fridays, but was too anxious last week to wait until a friday to start. I have lost 4 pounds and 5.75 inches since last Tuesday. Pretty good start I guess... :-)
  I'm a believer
Maggie - Loveland, CO   (Friday, September 11, 2009)

Hi Amber,
I lost 2 lbs and 3 inches this week. Yeah! It was enough to put me back in my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!! I still have a ways to go to my goal, but I am a believer.

Thank you thank you!!!!!
  New To Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
Amy - Forney, TX   (Monday, August 17, 2009)

I just started 3 days ago. I am excited. I did my weight and measurements this
morning and I lost 2.2lbs and 5 inches. That is motivation to stick with it and
see how much I lose by day 7.
  I'm so Excited!!!!
Claudia - Woodhaven, NY   (Saturday, August 15, 2009)

I'm new to the program and I have to say that I feel great. It has been only six days and I have lost around 6 lbs. I feel better with my clothes already. I have to continue like this so I can reach my goal. Even my husband joined me in doing this program together. Thanks Amber for your support and great tips.
Claudia mother of two
  easy program
diana jeffcoat - sebring, florida   (Friday, August 14, 2009)

 Amber was there to help out with all my questions now is like second nature I wish I would have known about this program before ... My son is doing great on the program too 6 months and 22 lbs ( breastfeeing is great ) Diana mother of 3
  thank you
Maisha - Ft Lauderdale, FL   (Thursday, July 14, 2009)

Hi Amber just want to let you know that I'm doing excellent with my weight loss. I've been super busy with going back to work and tryning to get my body back on track. I dont no exactly how much weight i've lost but I no I look awesome i also referred some ppl to your site... I want to thank you so much for your help and your emails, Im also getin together some before and after pictures to send you. thanks again
  "overly optimistic"
Ellen - DeKalb, Illinois   (Friday, June 12, 2009)

Hi Amber,
Still doing well. This week I lost another 2.6 pounds and 2 inches for a total 6.2 pounds and 18.5 inches! Yesterday I tried on the bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding. When they measured me in March, they told me to order a 16. I knew I was losing weight, so I ordered a 12. (The salesgirl thought I was being overly optimistic.) Well, guess what, when I tried it on yesterday, it was HUGE! They aren't even sure they can take it in enough, so I may need to order a smaller size! That felt really good. I almost started crying right there because after how hard it was to get my body back after my first baby, I wasn't very hopeful this time around.I can't believe how well this program works, and to be able to do it while still breastfeeding! Thank you so much!
  fabulous program
Ellen - DeKalb, Illinois   (Friday, June 05, 2009)

Hi Amber!
Well, I'm still making progress! This week I lost .2 pounds and 5 inches, making my total so far 2.8 pounds and 16.5 inches. I feel and look like I've lost more weight than that though (and my husband is starting to give me "the look" again ;). I reached my first clothing goal this week, too - my pre-pregnancy fat jeans. Next goal is my pre-preg skinny jeans!
Thank you so much for this fabulous program!
  breastfeeding safe program
Vimbai - Botswana, S Africa   (Thursday, May 21, 2009)

I am happy to say I have already lost 6kg, without exercise!!!!!!it has been amazing. Im sure most of it has come from my mid section. I was 86kg to start with. got to 80kg in two weks. then I lost another two and got to 78kg...I then realised two days later I was back to 80kg. i almost went into a depression then I remembered one of your e mails that said muscle is heavier. So i convinced myself it was muscle. I tried on a pair of jeans i last wore a year ago...Alas, it fits..I cant recall the centimetres well but I was 102cm and went to 95cm.thats the waist line. and this is in less than a month. its so exciting... Thanks
  weight loss program for nursing mothers
Brenda - Nampa, ID   (Tuesday, May 12, 2009)

Overall on the program I have lost 25 pounds in actually 7 weeks. I am very happy about that :) I really appreciate all of the research that you have done to put this program together to work for nursing mothers. I felt very trapped in a very overweight body and not knowing what to do, I am thankful I found you, so is my husband. Many people have made coments on how much I have lost and how great I look. I cannot wait to hear what they say after the next 25 pounds come off. I tell them all how I'm doing it so maybe you will get some new clients:)
Thanks Again and God Bless.
  I am so happy that I found your site.
Southern - Beaumont, TX   (Friday, May 01, 2009)

Hi Amber! Well I am happy to say that I have lost 15 pounds and 23.2 inches all over. The most noticable is my bust & hips. It hasn't affected my milk supply at all. Shelby just had her 9 month check-up and she is off the charts! She's a healthy 25 pounds and 31 inches. I am so happy that I found your site. I recently visited home and everyone there could definitely tell a difference. So thank you!
  breastfeeding safe weight loss program
Esmeralda - Long Beach, CA   (Tuesday, April 28, 2009)

I am doing great! I have lost 17 lbs so far. The last few weeks have been a challenge because I have been busy moving. Trying to pack and unpack while taking care of a 9 month old has made it kind of hard to stay focused so I admit, I did cheat. But now that I am settled in, I'm getting back on track. My husband is in the military and is deployed. He is coming home on leave in July and I can't wait for him to see me!  Also, I love those recipes. Thank you so much!
  Nursing weight loss program
Stephanie - Washington Terrace, UT   (Tuesday, April 28, 2009)

This week I lost another 3 pounds and 7 1/2 inches. Altogether I have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks how awesome is that and a total of 16 1/2 inches. I can't believe the results and the energy, and to do it all while nursing. I'm so excited. I also referred a friend of mine that has a daughter that is 6 months old. I find myself not wanting the things that I normally crave, I think that it's because I can eat them if I want. I'm not restricted you know the saying you want things more if you can't have them. This is awesome and I can't wait until I can weigh myself next week. Oh yeah, I also have went down one pant size.
  Man I feel awesome!!
Meigan - Albuquerque, NM   (Monday, March 23, 2009)

I am totally happy and content knowing that I am doing my body and my kids (cause they get a happy mommy) right. My new pants that I bought 6 days ago hardly stay up because of the inches I am loosing, It also takes less to fill me up now to. I am so excited!! Seeing the results is such a motivator to keep it up and not compromise. Just know that I am so thankful to you for making your website and being an example and encouraging to me. I have an abundance of joy in my heart because I am beginning to be a better, happier, healthier, enthusiastic, loving mother and wife. Again Thank You.
  Thank you for everything!
Adrianne - Denver, NC   (Tuesday, March 03, 2009)

Hi Amber!  I've lost 10 pounds and 4 inches from my waist, and 2 inches from each thigh. I need to measure my other parts. I feel great. I would like to report my progress to yahoo groups, when I have a chance.
  I'm so incredibly pleased with the program.
Melani - Yorktown Heights, NY   (Tuesday, February 24, 2009)

Hello Ladies:

I am a just-turned-40 mom of three wonderful children, ages 9, 6 and 6 months! (she was a welcome surprise!)

However, I was so depressed that the weight wasn't coming off as fast as it did with my boys so I prayed! I immediately googled "breastfeeding diets" and found I started the program 4 weeks ago and I have lost 9lbs so far. I'm fitting into size 8's! My goal is to lose 15 more and be back comfortably into my size 4s (I'm short!).

My milk supply has not been affected at all. I always pump after our first feeding of the morning and will still collect 4oz.  Be encouraged! It will work!!

  I just wanted to give you an up date.
Casey - Port Angeles, WA   (Wednesday, January 28, 2009)

I know today is only day 3, but I was super excited!!! I lost 3.2lbs & 2.25 inches over all!! I'm so glad I found!! Hope you have a great day!! God bless!
  all my fiance can say is wow!
Rachel - Boy River, Minnesota   (Monday, January 26, 2009)

Ok,its day 7 and i have lost 7 pounds and 12 inches! six of those inches are off of my tummy area and i couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see what happens this week!
  I am so astonished I can actually lose weight!
Mary - Dallas, TX   (Thursday, January 22, 2009)

I am on day 5 of the program, and had purchased the over 150 package. I started out at 182.5 lbs, and as of this am, am at 179.4lbs! By the way, I am so happy with the correspondences you are sending to me! I really need the support and am so glad you are there with me! :) thank you and please don't stop! :) 150 Weight Loss Program
Rachel - Boy River, Minnesota   (Thursday, January 22, 2009)

[Day 3] Ok, you got me hooked. So far i have lost 4 pounds and 6 inches overall (bust, abdomen and hips) THANK YOU!!!!! i have been trying so hard, literally for months to lose the weight and nothing has worked till now. This program is awesome!
  Lost 20 pounds while breastfeeding!
Amani - Jacksonville, FL   (Monday, January 12, 2009)

I'm doing well, and I've gone back to work. My baby is 8 months old now. I've attached a picture of him so you can see how adorable he is!

Let's see, I don't know about inches, but I've lost about 20 lbs since I started the plan in December.
  YES !!! Back in my pre-pregnancy clothes!!!
Mireille - Belleveuw, WA   (Tuesday, January 06, 2009)

Hello fellow-hot-mamma's!

I just finish my week 3 and guess what??? I dropped a size!! I lost a little more than 5 pounds and a good 3 inches around the waist, only 0.5 inch the leg but it starts.... I am for sur the program will even work better for you!

  AWESOME for a Healthy Pregnancy!!
Andrea - Pennsylvania   (Thursday, December 18, 2008)

I gained 30 lbs while pregnant with my son, a healthy weight to gain, but I was 20 lbs overweight to start with. I got pregnant again quickly after having him. I started out 20 lbs overweight again and tried everything to keep my eating under control. I quickly gained 15 lbs and knew I needed a change. With my doctor's approval, I began replacing breakfast and lunch with the protein shakes (and added protein powder). For the first time during my pregnancy, I wasn't starving!!! I still eat whatever I feel like at dinner...can't deny a pregnant woman the food she wants! I quickly lost 6 lbs and have now maintained my weight for over a month. At 27 weeks, I am only up 9 lbs and baby is measuring exactly where he should be. I feel fantastic, I look fantastic, and I am THRILLED that I will have a fit body back after he is born (I plan on using one of the advanced programs then!). I can't be happier with these products! ( says, "This reviewer states she received the Basic Program as a gift".)
  22 pounds & 30.75 inches lost!
Jennifer - Fennimore, Wisconsin   (Friday, December 05, 2008)

I thank you so much for your help with where I am at today. I do not think I could have done it without your help. This has been turely rewarding. Thank you again for everything.
  I have lost 20 pounds in one month.
Mel Johnson - Mill Creek, WA   (Thursday, November 20, 2008)

I am proud to report I have lost 20 pounds in one month. I started the program on October 15th and on the 15th of November I was down 20 pounds. I can't explain how happy I am! Amber and her program has been the best thing I have ever bought and she is wonderful to talk to. I encourage everyone to keep working hard and you will see results....I have 10 more pounds to loose and I will proudly be back to my original weight before I had my daughter. Thank you AMBER and God Blesss.
Melisa - Land O'Lakes, FL   (Wednesday, November 12, 2008)

Tiffeny - Houston, TX   (Wednesday, November 11, 2008)

I have been doing the program for 4 weeks and lost 13.5 lbs. And average of about 3 lbs a week...its awesome!! I am feeling better about myself, but I have a long way to go.  I am very excited about the program!!!
  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
Carmen - Spanaway, WA   (Thursday, October 16, 2008)

I just wanted to let you know that over the last 8 weeks I have enjopyed your products, etc. I have lost 6.6 lbs and 13.26 inches and counting. I feel better and am not so tired all the time.

  Basic Program - It is great
Candice - Roswell, GA   (Wednesday, October 08, 2008)

I have already lost 10lbs in just 3 weeks!! It is great, many people are noticing the difference and it makes me feel great. It is very important for us mothers to feel good about ourselves, and that's why I joined :). I have 3 children. a son who is 3, a daughter who is going to be 2 next week and another daughter who just turned 6 months today :)
  4 Weeks on this Weight Loss Program
Stephanie - Henderson, TX   (Thursday, September 25, 2008)

I am happy to report that I have lost 10 lbs. and 5 inches.
  I am really happy!
Melisa - Land O'Lakes, FL   (Saturday, September 13, 2008)

I am rapping up week 6 I believe and have lost over 22 lbs. Thus far. I am really happy because there were a few days here and there that I went off track. I am unaware of how many inches I lost thus far
  Wow! Results after just 3 days!
Debbie - Bostwick, GA   (Thursday, September 11, 2008)

I started the program on 9/5/08 and measured and weighed today. All I can say is wow! I was 181 lbs. now at 178 lbs. and have lost a total of 9 inches! This is really encouraging! Just thought that I would share. Program
Marie K - Huntsville, TX   (Thursday, September 11, 2008)

It is to help with weight loss and nutrition before during and after pregnancy. The program, if followed really does work. I am on this program to lose my prego weight. So far I have lost over 16 inches and 7 lbs. NO exercising. Although I am going to start exercising so I can lose faster and tone.
It also works for men too.
  Weight Loss Program - Week 4
Machelle - Killeen, TX   (Thursday, September 04, 2008)

I have lost 10 lbs, and 9 inches total...yay me
  Breastfeeding Safe Weight Loss Program
Veronica - Casselberry, FL   (Thursday, August 28, 2008)

I have to say that I'm loving this [program]! It's easy, and the weight has just dropped off!  I'm 5'8" and weighed 215lbs. Five weeks later I'm at 199.2 lbs!!! So far I'm about 3 lbs lighter than I was before I became preg. Anyway, I'm extremely happy with this! And thank you very much for all your support! veronica Weight Loss Program
Jacqueline - Newton, NH   (Monday, July 28, 2008)

When I first started on the program, my youngest daughter was 7 months old & continued to successfully breastfeed her until she weaned herself off at about 9.5/10 months of age. Not only was I able to lose over 20 lbs while on the products, I was delivered from quite a few ailments. For many years I suffered from acne breakouts, chronic sinus infections, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and fatigue.

I am sooo elated to be able to share that these problems are now a thing of the past. I’m not saying that these products cure these or any ailments, but you would be surprised at what your own body can naturally heal itself of once you start eating right and taking care of yourself. I have more energy now than I have had since I was a teen!!!!  I am very busy person, always having to put my needs on the backburner. With these products, I can achieve optimal health and nutrition without much fuss. It’s a win-win situation!!!!

  Breastfeeding Weight Loss
Carol - Cincinnati, OH   (Saturday, July 19, 2008)

So for Week 1 my goal was to lose 3lbs and 5 inches. I ended up losing 2lbs and 8 inches!!!

I'm so a believer of this program.  Thanks for everything, ~Carol
  Breastfeeding Weight Loss Program
Lydia - Tucson, AZ   (Wednesday, April 23, 2008)

So after one complete week, I lost 3.5 lbs and a total of 1 inch all from my waist area. Yeah me! I am not starving! I have more energy! I am sleeping better... Everything is going good. Weight Loss Program
Lois - Hopkins, MI   (Monday, March 31, 2008)

I have been on this program in the past and lost all my post baby weight without feeling hungry. Now I'm back again knowing ...the success I've had in the past.   10 wks and have lost almost 30 lbs!
  Breastfeeding Weightloss
Kim - Phoenix, AZ   (Tuesday, March 25, 2008)

Well great news!  Since starting the program 3 weeks ago I have lost about 6lbs and the best thing of all I have list 2 inches off of my hips and 1 inch off of my middle!  I can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks bring!
  Breastfeeding Safe Program - Week 4
Mandy - Brandon, MS   (Friday, March 14, 2008)

I've just completed Week 4 on the program and my total loss to date is: 9.5 lbs, 17 inches. Plus, I'm fitting into more and more of my pre-pregnancy clothes!!
  Breastfeeding Weightloss
Mandy - Brandon, MS   (Thursday, February 28, 2008)

I have a four year old daughter and a 4 month old son. With both pregnancies, I gained a lot of weight...80 to 95 pounds! Currently, I'm working to lose the last 30 pounds, and I'm still breastfeeding. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to losing weight, so I began searching the web for some kind of miracle! While I was skeptical about the Afterbaby program at first, I couldn't help but be curious after reading all of the info and reviews. I have now been on the Basic Program for 2 weeks, and I've lost a total of 6 pounds and 12 inches! Plus, I feel energetic and upbeat. My workouts have been better because I have the energy and motivation to give them my all. The shakes have kept me full, and I'm craving food that's good for me. Needless to say, I am no longer skeptical, and I'd recommend this program to any breastfeeding mom!
  Thanks so much.
Heather - Cedar Springs, MI   (Wednesday, February 13, 2008)

I'm doing great. I haven't measured myself because I don't have an appropriate tape measure but I'm down 11 pounds in a little over 2 weeks. I feel good. Thanks so much. Please keep sending me stuff whenever possible its very encouraging. God Bless you and yours.  Heather
  Awesome plan! - week 5
Angela - Colonia, NJ   (Wednesday, January 09, 2008)

To date, I have lost 12 pounds, and 20.25 inches!!! This is an awesome plan! I thank you so much for your inspirational emails that mean so much! Thanks again.

Katy - Gresham, OR   (Tuesday, January 08, 2008)

I have been following the program for four days and am amazed at how much more energy I have now. I have gone back and looked at the labels several times to see what it could be as it is hard to imagine that it would be so simple. I suffer from Rosacea as well, and I think that my skin is even looking better! For the really good part, I have lost 2 pounds and a total of 4 3/4". (I even measure twice because I couldn't believe it.
  Breastfeeding Safe Program
Michelle A. - Scottsdale, AZ   (Tuesday, January 01, 2008)

I have lost a total of 15 pounds and am only 5 pounds away from my goal! Thank you so much for what you do! It truly makes a difference in a mom's life when they can do something for themselves. Thank you again for everything!
  Excellent Service
Kathryn - Aberdeen, UK   (Monday, November 05, 2007)

Thanks for all your help and the excellent service.

Best wishes

Erin - Tinley Park, IL   (Thursday, September 20, 2007)

I am happy to say that I weighed and measured myself after 3 days on the plan and was shocked to see that I lost 5 lbs and 9 inches total!!! I can't believe it, it has not even been a week...just nine more pounds to lose. THANKS!!!
  breastfeeding weight loss program
Tasha - Hanapepe, Hawaii   (Saturday, July 14, 2007)

I lost a total of 17 punds the first 4 weeks. I lost inhes to, a total of 6 inhes altogether. I'm happy with the progress so far [only 17 pounds to reach goal weight]
   Thank you!
Cindy - Murrieta, CA   (Tuesday, June 05, 2007)

I'm going on my 3rd week and have lost 8lbs.!!!  I feel more energized and not so depressed.
Thank you for being my support.  Many Blessings,  Cindy
   11 week update
Colette - Cambridgeport, VT   (Thursday, May 31, 2007)

Weight loss Total:  25 pounds and 24 inches!
   18 lbs and 17½ inches!
Colette - Cambridgeport, VT   (Thursday, May 03, 2007)

I've always struggled with my weight, due to pregnancy or not.  Total Weight loss by week 7: Altogether 18 lbs and 17 1/2 inches.
   15 ½ inches lost in just 3 weeks!
Tori - Salisbury, MD   (Thursday, February 01, 2007)

I just ended my third week. I have lost 4 lbs and 15 ½ inches total. I wish it was more weight, but this program is so easy I’m sure I will stick with it to loose 20lbs more. It will just take longer than I had anticipated. I already went from a loose 12 to a 10 jeans which is exciting. And I feel pretty good. I hope all is well with you and your family.
God Bless,
   terrific program
Dedee - Woodstock, GA   (Monday, January 01, 2007)

This is a terrific program ! I lost 6 lbs in the first 3 weeks and began reaching my goal - to button my pre-pregnancy pants ! I only wish I had reordered earlier. The program is all it claims and more ! The products and the support lead you to the mind set it takes to successfully lose weight. I am excited to continue on! Thanks so much. Dedee
   nutritional mix review
Chrissi - Fort Campbell, KY   (Sunday, December 31, 2006)

These are the best tasting shakes out there!! I especially love the cookies and cream. These shakes do not have that funny aftertaste that many products out there have.
   totally THRILLED
Malee - Amarillo, TX   (Tuesday, September 19, 2006)

I am now in week 2 and am totally THRILLED with the results. In the first 3 days I lost about 5 pounds and 5 inches. I am now in the 2 week and have lost 7 pounds and 6 inches. Thank you AFTERBABY!
   12 inches gone!
Melanie - St. Cloud, MN   (Monday, July 24, 2006)

I have been on the program for almost 3 weeks. I have lost 3 pounds and about 12 inches. I don't follow it to the "T" but am encouraged so far.
Billy - Colorado Springs, CO   (Monday, May 15, 2006)

Well it is the beginning of day 3 and I am having GREAT success. I have already lost 5 lbs and 6.5 inches. INCREDIBLE!!! I even cheated a little yesterday because of Mothers day, I only replaced 1 meal with a shake instead of 2, I still made sure I watched what I ate though. I am very excited and am so motivated now!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL!!!
   7 lbs & 24" in 2 weeks
Kerry - Stratford, CT   (Thursday, May 11, 2006)

This is my 1st time using this product and I am doing very well. I just completed 2 weeks this past wednesday (5/10) and have lost 7.4 pounds and 24 inches over all. Yes 24 inches, I had to remeasure myself about 3 times.

If you follow Amber's advice you will succeed. The great thing is that I still eat normal meals for snacks and dinner - I had pizza the other night. I just did not eat 3 slices like I did during pregnancy :) So really its not a diet....just a lifesytle change.
   5 weeks
Melissa - Lockhart, TX   (Tuesday, May 02, 2006)

so far I have lost 18 lbs. I am so excited!
   Week 7 Report
Michelle - Naples, FL   (Monday, May 01, 2006)

total weight lost (so far): 16.2 lbs!
total inches lost (so far): 13 3/4"!

I plan to go another 7 or 8 weeks if nec. to reach goal


Breastfeeding Weightloss ©    25 lbs & 27 inches lost
Amy - Escondido, CA   (Sunday, April 30, 2006)

[in just 11 weeks]  I am down 25lbs now. Total inches lost--27"  Have had to buy some new clothes and fitting in some of my prepregnancy clothes too.

Thanks Amber!  God bless you and your growing family.



View Photos

   15.5 inches & six pounds
Aundrea - Fort Bragg, NC   (Sunday, April 30, 2006)

I just want to thank you Amber for all your support. I know your are a very busy mom but you still make time send me emails and return my phone calls. I am begining my four week and I feel great! I will continue to keep you up-dated on my progress.  I have lost a total of 15.5 inches and six pounds.  Thank you
  Breastfeeding Mom
April - Scottsburg, VA   (Wednesday, March 29, 2006)

I am a 28 yr old first time breastfeeding mom to an 8 mo old. I am on week 3 of the program and love it. As of my week 2 mark, I had lost 4 lbs and 12 1/2 inches all over!!!! I have already reached my first goal of leaving size 14 and getting into size 12 pants! I'm there! I love it love it love it! Welcome and good luck to you!
  Breastfeeding Safe Weight Loss Program
Leesa - Greensboro, NC   (Thursday, March 09, 2006)

I found myself very skeptical when I found this program online as I am breastfeeding and there is not much you can do in the way of weight loss measures while breastfeeding. I was also not interested in any "pill" to help me lose weight. I just had my 7th child and gained more weight than I have ever gained. Plus, at 34, my metabolism is not at all like it was when I was 24. I decided to try the shakes and to my surprise I lost 6.5 inches in the first two weeks. I feel great and have lots of energy. I do not even suffer from the afternoon sleepies that come from waking up during the night to feed. In fact, today, after nursing my baby, I was able to pump an additional 4 oz of breast milk. My milk supply has increased AND the inches are melting away...that is what I call the perfect combination. I love the vanilla and very berry flavors a lot. I look forward to reaching my goal of getting into my swim suit this summer!!!
  This stuff really works
Samantha Clark - Fort Polk, LA   (Wednesday, March 01, 2006)

I have been using the basic program for almost 5 weeks and i have lost 10 pounds and tons of inches. I am so happy with these products. They really do work, i will be ordering more soon. I have about 12 more pounds to go. I know i can do it by using this program.
  weight loss while breastfeeding
AnneMarie - Chalfont ,PA   (Wednesday, March 01, 2006)

It is amazing how you do not go hungry on this program.Iam in week 2 of the basic program.I have lost 6 pounds and 4 inches already.Everyday I wake up feeling more skinny.Iam so glad that I started the program.I feel so wonderful that Iam finally losing the pounds from my pregnancy.I think what I love the most is that I can continue to breastfeed my 8 month old daughter while Iam losing.
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  Review Basic Program
Dr. Amy M. Reese - San Diego   (Wednesday, March 01, 2006)

I have had a great experience since starting the Basic Program. In the past 3 weeks I have lost 9 1/2 lbs. and continue to breastfeed my 7 mo. old son. I have more energy and haven't had my chocolate cravings that have derailed previous weight loss attempts.  Very, Very Satisfied.  See my before and after weight loss photos.
  Customer Service
Ashley - Spartanburg, SC   (Tuesday, February 28, 2006)

I just placed my earlier today and there was a question about the order. I was really impressed with the fact that I received a personal phone call to clear up the matter - and not an e-mail. I'm really excited about starting the program and knowing that there is someone I can actually talk to about my weightloss.
  Best Program Ever for Breastfeeding Moms
Kelly - Grapevine, TX   (Friday, October 28, 2005)

I can't tell you how excited I am to be on a program that actually works. I have been on the program for 4 wks now. I have lost 20 inches so far and 8 lbs. On this program you will have ups and downs where one week you won't see much results, but hang in there because results will explode eventually. You have to get over how much you are losing as far as pounds and focus on how many inches you are losing. The pounds will fall off but the inches will come first. This program is wonderful and I am telling many about its changing results.
  I have lost 13 lbs and 19 inches!
Patti - Blountstown, FL   (Thursday, October 27, 2005)

I am doing great on the Basic Program. I feel really good about my progress. I have lost about 10 inches! I am almost at my goal weight, which is a really wonderful feeling. I am so thankful for your website. God has really blessed you in this ability to help so many mothers to get in shape and feel good about themselves. Thank you for all of your hard work.
P.S....If you still haven't tried the homemade protein bars, you need to! They are probably one of the best things I've ever tasted! No kiddin.   God bless you !!!!! Patti
  I have lost 13 lbs and 19 inches!
Kelly - Byron, Georgia   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

Things are going well. I've been on the [program] for about 2 months now, and I've lost 14 pounds. I've been really pleased with my progress (so has my husband :) ), and I am glad to have something available that helps me actively return to my pre-pregnancy body while I'm still breastfeeding. Actually, I just bypassed my pre-pregnancy weight last week, and have about 10 more pounds to go to meet my goal. Thanks again!
  I have lost 13 lbs and 19 inches!
Keelie - Byron, Georgia   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

I would love to share! I am working on some before and after photos but I keep putting off the "after" thinking that I will lose more weight! I think it has been longer than 9 weeks but I would have to check my records. I know I have lost 13 lbs and 19 inches! I lost 2 and 1/4 inches just off my hips! This really does work and I am so glad that I found this program!

  This stuff is great! it works!
Renee - California   (Thursday, October 06, 2005)

I just had my son 2 months ago and was looking for a way to lose weight. Ive been lurking around this site for a while and seen all the great reviews so i decided to give it a try.. needless to say ive lost 10 lbs so far and i feel and look great but i know i have lots more id like to lose to get to my goal. my husband now wants to try the program because its worked so well on me! i recommend it to anyone.. i'll be ordering more soon

starting weight: 185 lbs & Current weight 175lbs - lost 5 inches on my thighs, 3 inches on my tummy and 2 inches on my waist, lost an inch on my bust as well :)   ill be back with the update when i order more!

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  lose weight breastfeeding - it really works
Corina - Hialeah, FL   (Wednesday, September 14, 2005)

Here are my results for Day 3. It's pretty exciting to see that I lost more inches than pounds. That's a first. 2.5 inches & 1.5 pounds
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  lose weight breastfeeding - it really works
april - mammoth lakes, ca   (Friday, August 26, 2005)

i've been working hard on losing weight and with this program i've done just that. not only do i look better i feel better. i used to get very dizzy. ever since i've started his program i haven't gotten dizzy in weeks.   not only do the shakes taste great, i know crave them too. my before and after pictures speak for themselves. Lose weight while breastfeeding.
  I lost 17 lbs and 27 inches
Lois - Hopkins, MI   (Saturday, June 04, 2005)

I'm really encouraged these days at the progress I've made in these 5 weeks. Total wt. loss is 17.4 lbs and 26.75 inches lost as of today.  Ave. weekly wt. loss 3.48 lbs
  I lost 10 lbs and 9 inches while breastfeeding
Amy - Kentucky   (Friday, June 03, 2005)

I love this program! I am a Mom with 7 kids-homeschooling and I really needed some help getting the post-pregnancy weight off. In a little over a month I lost 10 lbs and 9 inches over all! It was easy to make a shake (yummy) and then enjoy high protein snacks in between. It was very convenient and helped me take better care of myself-once I lost some weight I had more energy for moderate exercise and then I really started feeling better and enjoying my family more! I also did not have any trouble maintaining my milk supply breastfeeding my son. Amber was so encouraging whenever I talked with her and it helped me stay positive knowing she was there for me!
I took a break from the program and maintained my weight but built muscle with exercise-now I'm back and ready to lose the last 10 pounds with the basic program! Thanks, Amber!
  breastfeeding mom
Daphne - Louisiana   (Friday, May 27, 2005)

I am a breastfeeding mom of a 3 month old, who was looking to lose weight. However, I have 3 other children, all of which I homeschool, so needless to say I don't have much time alone for exercise and the like. I found your website and loved the idea that your products were breastfeeding safe, and decided to skeptically give it a try. Well, I am no longer skeptical!! I lost 7 pounds, and 8 3/4' in just 8 days!!! WOW! That's huge! After a month I have lost a total of 14 pounds, and 13". All without exercise! Thank you so much for exposing breastfeeding moms to these wonderful products!! I have recommended this to everyone I know who wants to lose weight. And just to let everyone know, these products aren't only for women, my husband used it too, and he lost 20 pounds!! It definately works!! One more thing, normally when you purchase products like these, you don't get personal attention, but I have had questions, and was able to speak personally to Amber. She was so sweet, and helpful. I get emails on a regular basis from her, checking on my progress, and recipes, it's so nice to know that she is there to help me when I need it. Thank you Amber!
  2 Weeks on the Basic Program
Fawnia - Illinois   (Friday, May 27, 2005)

I have lost almost 10 pounds and I feel great. You can't see the difference but my size 14s are falling down all the time. I bought a size 11-12 yesterday for the first time ia 2 years. thanks for your support
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  5.5 pounds & 20.75 inches lost in 5 weeks
Amy - Wilton, CA   (Thursday, May 19, 2005)

I have lost 5.5 pounds & 20.75 inches lost in 5 weeks!  I fell great and my hunger or lack of is like it use to be back in high school. Thanks for all the great ideas.
  Lose weight while breastfeeding w/Basic Program
MariJo - Wisscasset,Me   (Friday, April 08, 2005)

I lost 8lbs and 18inches in just 5 weeks [while breastfeeding]. the program is AWESOME! The shakes are great! My favorite is french vanilla. I will continue to use this product until I reach my goal, I have 10 more lbs to go to get to my ideal weight,I'm sure I can do it if I continue to use the products and use them right! Thanks-
Cara - Tucson, AZ   (Thursday, March 3, 2005)

Hi everyone! I am so glad to see so many excited women trying this. I used the program/products for 7 weeks and lost a total of 10 lbs and 28 inches. Then the holidays hit.... I couldn't resist, but the good news is that I have maintained the weight loss and am ready to start again to lose the 25lbs that I still have. I just wanted to encourage everyone in this... IT WORKS, and Amber is truly a Godsend. Wow, I sound like an infomercial, sorry, I just love this and the work that Amber does to help moms feel better! I would love to meet her someday! For all of you just starting, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Lose weight while breastfeeing.

  Best weight loss program out there!
Julie - Durham, NC   (Monday, January 10, 2005)

I have tried MANY diets/programs, but this is the only one that I have been able to stick with. I LOVE sweets, which is why I usually fail with other plans, but the shakes taste so good I don't crave sweets. If I do want something, I eat it in moderation. In 7 weeks I have lost 11 and 1/2 pounds and over 24 inches! I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8, and now they are getting baggy! The shakes are quick and easy to make, I drink my breakfast on the way to work. For a BF [breastfeeding] mother that works full-time, quick and easy are requirements. Instead of junk, I now have a healthy shake that really tastes good. What more can you ask for??

UPDATE Week 9 Results:  15 lbs and 29.25 inches!  I'm fitting into my size 6 pre-pregnancy jeans again! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I feel great.
Christy - Riverside, CA   (Wednesday, September 29, 2004)

I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Since I have started this program I have not felt the need to nap during the day, when before I dragged through the day if I didn't have a nap.

I lost 5.5 lbs. my first week, and never felt better doing it. In the past whenever I was trying to lose weight, I couldn't stop thinking about food, and when and what I was going to eat next, and I always felt like I had uncontrollable cravings (especially in the evening). Since I started the program I rarely feel hungry and my uncontrollable cravings have disappeared. I feel way more in control. I really can't believe how easy this feels. I truly believe that I will have continued success -THANKS TO YOU
I never before realized what an impact the foods you eat have on how you feel. I have almost entirely eliminated white flour and have only been using whole wheat. I love the chocolate shakes and the soy nuts for a snack.

  AWESOME breastfeeding weight loss program
Angela Hammerle - Orange City, Fl   (Friday, September 10, 2004)

I am so happy with these products, i have been on the program for three weeks and have lost 5 lbs (& over 7 inches). The shakes taste wonderful and fill me up. I so badly wanted to lose weight, but wasn't willing to give up breastfeeding, now with these products i can lose weight and keep breastfeeding my son. Thanks, Amber, this site has made me feel much better about myself.
  2 lbs & 7.5 just in the first week!
Angie Taylor - Simi Valley, CA   (Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

I am VERY pleased with this program. I have a very busy lifestyle with 6 children (ages from 2 months - 16 yrs). I'm on the go ALL THE TIME!! This program has helped make sure that I eat and the most wonderful part is that it tastes great! I look forward to using the product and have had fun playing with different flavors and add-ins. I'm not perfect at this program I still eat those homemade cookies fresh from the oven but I'm still losing weight and inches. I can feel it every morning when I get up I just feel different. I'm anxious for my weekly weigh-in can you believe that?! I'm actually looking forward to getting on the scale. I'm also thankful for all the encouraging emails. They truly help me stay on track. I'm having so much fun with this that I purchased a starter kit for my best friend to try. She's anxiously waiting....Thanks so much for all the support. You're awesome!! Angie   -Basic Program w/Protein Powder        UPDATE Week 4 Results: 4 pounds and 16 inches
  Basic Program - lose weight breastfeeding
Anne - Arizona   (Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

After the birth of my 3rd baby the weight would not come off no matter what I tried! I am so very happy to have found your products. I have lost 8 1/2 lbs & 10 inches in the 3 weeks I have been using the basic program products. Thank You Amber for bringing us safe products to use while breastfeeding, It means a lot to all of us whom are struggling with weight loss!!!  UPDATE Week 4 Results: 10 lbs & 13 inches
Christina - Muskegon MI   (Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

The program is great and it makes you feel so good. I was with out it for a few weeks and I felt horrible I will never go with out again, I love it I have lost weight and It has helped me eat healthy. And the support is like no other thank you so much and I hope that more moms give it a try. You will see and feel the difference.
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  29 pounds in 2 months!
Meghan - Medina, OH   (Thursday, April 15, 2004)

I have lost about 29 pounds since starting the program. I try to let
everyone I know about it and how easy it is. Although the first 2 weeks are
the hardest. If you can get through those your home free.
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  14 pounds and 29.5 inches gone!
Melody - Pasadena, MD   (Wednesday, July 28, 2004)

The diet has just became a way of life for me....I'm not obsessing anymore, and I think its because I am feeling good and not struggleing.   Day one beginning on 6/28 until now 14 pounds and 29.5 inches gone!  Thanks!  Melody
Breastfeeding Weightloss © AfterBaby.comBreastfeeding Weightloss ©  I have lost 40 pounds and still dropping!!!
Angela Harrington - Epping, NH   (Saturday, July 24, 2004)

I found After when I started searching the internet for a breastfeeding friendly weight loss program.  I weighed 180 lbs & wore a size 14.  Within a month After reintroduced me to a size 12 pair of jeans and now I am weighting 140 lbs & wear a size 8! View My Story
  This is sooo easy, Thanks Amber!
Melody - Maryland   (Thursday, July 15, 2004)

After 3 children and years of breastfeeding, you can begin to lose hope. When I found After, I decided to give it a try. It's difficult to lose while breastfeeding, but this program is so simple. The support from Amber, lets you know that your not the only one out there not dropping the lbs so easily while breastfeeding. I'm in my 3rd week and have lost 12 lbs and 12 inches! Thanks so much for your support Amber! You really are doing a great thing for us moms!  (
14 lbs and last check, 13 3 1/2 weeks)
  The products do work
Libby - North Carolina   (Wednesday, July 14, 2004)

I just wanted to say that these products do work. Using them I was able to drop those last few pregnancy pounds and fit back in my clothes.It is so wonderful to have your clothes fit you right. Thank you amber!
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©

  12 and 12!
Angie - Albuquerque, NM   (Saturday, July 03, 2004)

I have lost about 12 lbs. and about 12 inches (total body inches).

  Love It
Christina - Muskegon MI.   (Sunday, June 27, 2004)

I love the program it really makes it easy to eat healthy, and to still have time to take care of the kids thank you so much.
Corey - Highland Park, IL   (Sunday, May 16, 2004)

I want to thank you for guiding me and having a patients, I know at times your job can be hard specially if you can get a costumer like me who ask to many Q lol ......Anyway I took your advice about my eating pattern ....I don't deprive myself on food now I eat moderation a triple chocolate brownie and Boyyyyy that was DELICOUSSSS~! GESH I ate the whole thing and felt bad afterwards but the next morning I weigh myself and my heart was pounding wowww I lost 1 pound and I almost cry ...I was a happy Momma hehe~! Thank you so much AMBER ... oh one more thing most of my Hootie pants that's what my husband call them because they were soooo tight lol anyway I can fit them ~! Love you amber thank youuuu so much hug hug hug know there so much thing I have to tell you but my English is sooooo poor  but as long I said the THANK YOU word that's all it matters ,,,, bottom line here is I really appreciate everything you do for me .....I weigh 146 now ...I was 154 hmmm I got 26 pounds more to go ....Wish me luck .. once Again thanks you .... ****corey****
  14.6 lbs & 19 inches lost
Becky - Clemson, SC   (Wednesday, April 28, 2004)

I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. I am so happy about this. I am still nursing my 13 month old daughter. It is fun to see what I have new that will fit from one week to the next. It is also nice to know that I can still have (eat) a few of the things I really love and still lose weight and inches. I can't wait to see my before and after pics once I reach my goal weight. I plan on sharing them with you for the web site eventually. Just seeing that e-mail from you almost every day is encouraging, no matter what it is about. Thanks for all you do. Becky  UPDATE 6/20/04: 18.6 lbs & 24 inches lost - Will continue weight loss after giving birth in 9 months!  :)

  It Works
Joy - Norfolk Va.   (Thursday, April 22, 2004)

This program is great and easy. Being a mom of 4 kids (ages between 11years and 14weeks) I don't have much time. So having two shakes a day then eating dinner with my family at night (very important to me) is great. I've lost over 20lbs. went from maternity jean (about size 18+) to size 14 in 3 months. I love it. Thanks so much. Joy
  Basic Program
Susan - Bakersfield, CA   (Thursday, April 22, 2004)

This is a great tasting product that works. I lost 15lbs and about 12 inches in two months last summer. If you drink you two shakes for breakfast and lunch, and have a reasonable dinner, you will lose weight. I had noticeable results the first week I was on the program.
  Effective weightloss while breastfeeding!!!!!!
Marie - Cleveland, OH   (Monday, April 19, 2004)

I give 5 stars and a snap!!! The products are safe and effective, all of you who want weightloss while caring for yourself and your baby while breastfeeding, here is your answer.
Shiloah Baker - Central Texas   (Sunday, April 18, 2004)

Breastfeeding Weightloss © AfterBaby.comI'm so happy I found this. I had my fifth baby almost a year ago. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with my weight and wanted to take something to help my weight come off. The problem was that I was breastfeeding. I had no idea that this existed and once I found it I was thrilled!!!!!!!! I'm telling everyone!  I've been on this program for 5 weeks and have lost ten pounds and LOTS of inches! I am 5'1. I started at a size 16 jean and now I'm so excited to move DOWN a size to a 14. The most exciting thing for me is that I haven't been this small since before I got pregnant with my fourth child- 3 years ago!!!!!  Thank you for all the help, support and motivation, Amber! Thank you for creating this site!  View My Before & After Photos
  basic program
Liz Boudreaux - Louisiana   (Sunday, April 18, 2004)

I just wanted to say that your products are great. I feel wonderful and they give me the energy to last me through out the day. I have only tried this so far but I intend to try the protein powder and the carb cutter. Thanks so much.
  The program is easy to plan for and follow
Jennifer - Orange, CA   (Tuesday, April 13, 2004)

I can't tell you how much difference the phone/email support that you offer has made to me. I have the best of everything. The program is easy to plan for and follow at times when I'm too busy to make more formal meals.  My confidence level in believing that I will succeed this time is much higher than its been in ten years, since I became a single digit size for the first time in my life. Thanks, Amber.
  Basic program
Liz - New Iberia   (Saturday, April 10, 2004)

This program is awesome! It enhances my mood and gives me energy through out the day when I had non! THanks so much
Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  5lbs & 5 inches in 2 weeks
Anastasia - Stirling, NJ   (Friday, April 09, 2004)

The frist two weeks was great! I lost five pounds and about 5 inches. I will admit that every day is not perfect. and life gets in the way, but generally I am faithful.
  Dr recommended
Kristi - NJ   (Friday, April 09, 2004)

I am 6 weeks away from my due date now. I showed the products I am using and the Formula 2 that I want to start to my OB. He said they looked good and the vitamins even looked like they would work better for me than what I currently have.
  Basic & Protein review
Becky - Clemson, SC   (Thursday, March 11, 2004)

After just 1 week I have lost 7 inches and 6 lbs. I am in shock. My top pregnancy weight was 200 lbs. I had been stuck at 177 lbs since about 8 weeks after I delivered and my daughter turns 1 this month. I feel wonderful. I still have about 30 more pounds I want to lose, but I know with these products it will be easier than ever. Nothing else has ever worked for me b/c I could not stick with it even this long due to hunger and cravings for junk food. Somehow, my cravings have almost disappeared. I was very skeptical at first, but not any more. Please give these products a try b/c they really work. I am living proof that anybody can lose weight using these products.
  Basic Program
Amanda - PA   (Wednesday, January 28, 2004)

I lost 14lbs in 10 weeks on the basic program. Thanks so much for all the support. I have so much energy, and feel like my old self again. Thanks...even though i reached my goal, i've continued to use the products for the energy they give me.
  Safe weightloss while breastfeeding - dropped 2 sizes!
Faith - Inglewood, CA   (Saturday, January 10, 2003)

I started the program November 3rd, 3 weeks after I had my daughter. Today my daughter is 11 weeks and I am 15 pounds lighter, and loving it. Amber has been a wonderful help and the program erased all my doubts about weightloss and breastfeeding. The herbal concentrate is a great addition for me. These products are a part of my life forever. I still have more pounds to lose but I am sure I will get there. (start 185 lbs. present 160 lbs.) UPDATE Mar 2004: was wearing tight 12's & now in comfy size 10's! 
  I feel GREAT!!!!
Cyndi - Hawaii   (Monday, December 22, 2003)

I am so happy that I found you. The basic program has been wonderful. I just started the program and within a few days I have seen great results. I have lost 6 inches all over and 4.5 pounds. I have a lot more energy and feel better about myself, and after 2 kids that has been very hard for me until now. This program has been simple yet the results have been unexpectedly amazing. Thank you so much for all of your support and compassion.  UPDATE 01/03/04 Total lost: 4.5 pounds and 13 inches

  Basic Program - Results!
Julie - Oregon   (Friday, November 7, 2003)

So far I have lost 9 pounds and 2 3/4" (bust, waist, hips) in 3 weeks and am so happy with the shakes and
products. :)  Can't wait so see how the next few weeks go.  I will report soon.  Take care~  Julie

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  11 pounds & 14.25 inches lost!
Jeanette - Oklahoma   (Thursday, October 30, 2003)

Your products have really been wonderful!  I am actually losing weight and inches!  I've lost 11lbs. and 14 1/4 inches in the last 8 weeks.  Thank you so much for all you help and support. I was skeptical at first, but results don't lie. I still have a ways to go but at least I'm losing!   Thanks again.

  Lost 23 pounds!
Jennifer - Texas   (Wednesday, October 29, 2003)

I went from 177 to 154 in about six weeks.  Plus, I dropped from a size 16 to a loose size 12.  I am very excited.  I still need to lose about 20 lbs.  Thank you for all your support.  God bless.

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  renewed my confidence
Grace - Austin, TX   (Thursday, September 25, 2003)

I lost 2lbs and 2 1/2 inches for a total of 5lbs and 6 1/2in so far! This has renewed my confidence in myself

  After 8 weeks
Susan - California   (Saturday, September 13, 2003)

I just wanted you to know my progress after 8 weeks on the program.  I lost 15 pounds and 11 3/4 inches!  I want to lose seven more pounds to see how I feel and look to see if I want to lose more weight."

Breastfeeding Weightloss ©  You were there for me
Aleah Lattin - Twin Falls, Idaho   (Friday, July 18, 2003)

I thought you should know that I am very thankful that I found you. Your program and dedicated support helped me to believe. I have lost 13lbs and several inches. I don't know just how many because I don't like to measure myself. I do know that I can fit in a pair of jeans I couldn't about 5 weeks ago! FUN! Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. I love your support, products and the RESULTS!

  Breastfeeding Program - 17 lbs lost!
Beth - Ohio   (Thursday, July 17, 2003)

After the birth of my second child, I found that I still had weight to lose. As a breastfeeding mom I am limited in what can be considered safe weight loss products. I found this program effective in my weight loss goals. I have lost seventeen pounds and several inches in less than three months! Thanks for introducing me to this Amber!

  "I can wear my pre-pregnancy pants again!"
Shannon - Florida   (Monday, July 21, 2003)

I am breastfeeding and have been on the program now for 3 weeks. I have been very happy with the results....I have only lost 4 lbs. but 10 inches!!! I can wear my pre-pregnancy pants again! I LOVE the taste of the protein shakes and am never hungry! I am so happy that I found something that I can use while breastfeeding!

  I LOVE these products!!
Terri - Pennsylvania   (Monday, July 21, 2003)

I LOVE these products!! I have lost 13 pounds, and 10 inches in 4 weeks!!  I am 25 pounds away from my goal (135). I know that I can do it. Thank you for the support.

Very thankful mommy!! Terri

  Let the results speak for themselves
Jennifer - Southern Alabama   (Wednesday, July 16, 2003)

At first, I was skeptical. But once I learned how to be aware of what I was eating and drinking, it was really easy. I don't feel hungry or deprived, and in 7 days I have lost 9 inches! I have more energy and I know as I learn more about nutrition, things can only get better. It would not be possible without the support I receive, so thanks so much!
  your happy customer
rachel - TX   (Monday, May 12, 2003)

i weighed myself today and i have lost 4 pounds(which i had hoped to have lost more)and 8.5 inches(now that got me excited)in 10 days. i am doing well, i am never hungary or tired.
  I'm impressed
Heidi - Colorado   (Thursday, May 01, 2003)

After not being able to lose my pregnancy weight as easily after my second baby I decided to try these products. I was pleasantly surprised that after 5 days on the program I had lost 3.5 lbs and 4 inches!

  Fantastic 1st week!!!
Natalie - Sacramento   (Thursday, May 01, 2003)

When I did my one week measurements, I had lost 7 lbs and 8 inches! I'm so excited! I was concerned about being 'hungry' as I had in the past with other weight loss programs that offer shakes as meal replacements. I'm happy to say, that I am not experiencing that now and the pounds are coming off! I have 3 children and would like to about 20 pounds total. I'm rating 4 stars because I want to see the long term results, but with my dedication and this great product, I'm sure that my 'one month' report will have the rating up to a 5!!!!!  UPDATE: 06/18/03 13 pounds lost!

  going to a 10
Brandy - Texas   (Wednesday, April 30, 2003)

"I started the program and I was 157. I weigh 152!!! ...although I would like to see more weight loss, I do feel I am losing inches. I accidently put on a size 10 pair of capris the other day, and they went on! I did wear a 12/14...but now a 12 going to a 10. Thank you so much and I hope all is going well with You and Yours.. :)

  Great stuff
Joy Kupchik - U.S.A. Norfolk Va.   (Tuesday, April 29, 2003)

I give 5 stars Because since I have been on this program I have lost 4 and a half LBs.and 1% body fat. And that was only in 3 weeks. I can wear my Goal jeans. Just think what will happen to me in 3 months. Thank you so much.I feel great.
  thank you for caring
MQ - Upland, California   (Saturday, March 22, 2003)

I just wanted to say thank you for really caring about me and you know today is the fourth day I have been on this program. I have lost 3-4 lbs & 1 inch on my waist. So, I wanted to thank you. Thank you so much, you guys, you have really helped me out for doing something like this. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much!

*The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted. Results may vary.

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